The Doggart Family Genealogy

Margaret YoungAge: 58 years19351993

Margaret Young
Given names
Married name
Margaret Doggart
  1. Generation 1
    1. Margaret Young was born about 1935 and was buried on April 28, 1993 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland. She married John Doggart, son of John McDonald Doggart and Wilheminia Sloan, on March 25, 1964 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland. He was born on September 29, 1932 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland and was buried on October 4, 2003 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland at the age of 71.

Birth about 1935

Note: estimate from burial age
MarriageJohn DoggartView this family
March 25, 1964 (Age 29 years)
Burial April 28, 1993 (Age 58 years)
Cemetery: Roselawn
Note: Margaret Korina Doggart
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John Doggart
Birth: September 29, 1932 27 27Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Burial: October 4, 2003Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Marriage: March 25, 1964Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland

estimate from burial age
Margaret Korina Doggart