The Doggart Family Genealogy

Allan Robertson and Marian 1940

Allan Campbell Robertson1872

Allan Campbell Robertson
Given names
Allan Campbell
  1. Generation 1
    1. Allan Campbell Robertson

      Allan Campbell Robertson was born in 1872 in Scotland. He married Marion Doggart, daughter of Adam Doggart and Marion Patterson.

      Children of Allan Campbell Robertson and Marion Doggart:

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      4. Thomas Allan Robertson (19151999)
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    1. The details of this family are private.
    2. The details of this family are private.
    3. The details of this family are private.
    4. Thomas Allan Robertson, son of Allan Campbell Robertson and Marion Doggart, was born on November 19, 1915 in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, Canada and died in 1999 at the age of 83.

Birth 1872
Census June 1, 1911 (Age 39 years)
Birth of a son
Thomas Allan Robertson
November 19, 1915 (Age 43 years)
Census1911 Canada Census Marion Doggart and Family

Allan RobertsonheadJul187238Scot1910ScotchAmericanPresbyterianEngineer Paper Mill
MarionWifeNov 187238Scot1910ScotchAmericanPresbyterian
Isobel SDauJul 19046USA1910AmericanAmericanPresbyterian
JeanDauJun 19064USA1910AmericanAmericanPresbyterian
Mary AllanDauJun 1909 1y 11mUSA1910AmericanAmericanPresbyterian

Grandfather Robertson was, by all accounts, an adventurer and entrepreneur. He travelled coast to coast across Canada setting up lumber mills, being a mayor, and then eventually running banana boats down to the Caribbean. Eventually he ended up back in New York City running salvage boats out of the Battery, and toward the end of his life, he tried (and failed) to raise an 18th Century Dutch ship from off the coast of Delaware. I think about a couple stories my father told me. One was that his father Allan brought him back a monkey from Central American when he was running ships down there during the 1920s. Grandmother Marian was apparently shocked, and said, "Put that thing out in the garage", where it promptly succumbed to the Canadian cold. A second story is that Dad, aged about 13, drove with his father in the new family car down to New Orleans in the late 1920s. Grandfather Robertson crashed the car but managed to buy an identical one so that his wife wouldn't know. Naomi Robertson
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