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Sale by Public Auction of Horatio J Doggart House etc 1891

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Sale by Public Auction of Horatio J Doggart House etc 1891 Town of Newtownards Valuable Dwelling House with Warehouses, Office Houses and Gardens Attached and Household Furniture for sale. Margaret Doggart of 40 Avoca Street, Belfast, Widow and Administratratrix of Horatio J Doggart, late of Court Street, Newtownards, Weaving Agent, deceased and William Doggart of 2 Cherryville Terrace, Woodstock Road, Ballymacarrett, Down. Tobacconist, Heir-at-Law of the Intestate Defendants. To be sold by Public Auction on the Premises Court Street, Newtownards on Monday 15th June 1891 at 12 oclock. All that piece or parcel of ground situate, lying and being on the South Side of Court Street, Newtownards, containing in breadth at the front to said street 40 feet 2 inches and at the rere 39 feet 8 inches and in length from front to rere on the East Side 224 feet and on the West Side 226 feet and also all Erections and Buildings which are now erected and built thereon with their appurtenances. (section about lease) The Premises are subject to the yearly rent of £1 19s 2d. Descriptive Particulars The Buildings now on said Parcel of Ground consist of a substantial double Dwelling-house, numbered 13 and 15 comprising drawing room parlour, two kitchens, pantry, and scullery on ground floor, and five rooms upstairs, with ware houses containing three apartments, office houses and the remainder is laid out in a garden. Houshold furniture comprises amongst other articles, Mahogany Cabinet, Mahogany Couch, Mahogany Table, Easy and other Chairs, Carpets, Rugs, Pictures, Windiw Poles, Fenders and Fire Irons, the Furnishing of four Bedrooms, including Beds and Bedsteads, Drawers, Dressing Tables, curtains, Pictures, Chairs &c. Kitchen Utensils &c, &c. Terms for Furniture- Cash and 5 percent Auction Fees.
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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Horatio James Doggart
October 29, 182319511May 4, 188913065Newtownards, Down, Northern IrelandMarch 6, 2015 - 10:04:56 a.m.
Margaret McCormick
about 1831188Northern Ireland8June 13, 190011969September 27, 2013 - 10:16:43 p.m.