Frequently asked questions

Where has all this information come from


Privacy is important to me and I always do my best to protect the data contained on this website.

Details about living people are hidden by default.

To view details about living people you must be a registered member of the website. To become registered you must show how you connect to the Doggart tree, preferably enabling yourself to be added in and connected to the main tree.

The website uses relationship privacy which will let you see information for people defined as a close relative.

You may see people identified as "Private". This happens when the website considers that you are not a close enough relative to access this data.

If you think your access is too limited contact me and we can discuss it. I do my best to address privacy issues quickly including the opposite where you think too much data is being shown.

Do not copy our data on living persons to any other sites or to places that you may be unable to protect the privacy of these individuals. You can be held responsible for this exposure or abuse. As posted on our home page of this site, we do not share the information contained herein with other sources, nor do we contribute information to any commercial enterprise. The database will remain in our possession for the public display of public domain information, and will not be sold, given or loaned in any way or form in order to generate revenue by us or by others. Personal data will not be shared by us with a public source.

Remember, the security of your password is essential in protecting the privacy of your own and other family members information, so keep it safe. We recommend that you change your password from time to time. Please note also that, as site administrators, we can not access your password. If you forget, use the "Request for new password" on the login page for a new, temporary one by e-mail.


Where has all this information come from

The information was obtained from many different sources. Mostly as a result of my own research in publically available information sources such as Civil Birth, Marriage and Death records, Census records and parish records. But also from information provided personally to me in email, letters and other ways from other Doggart family members.